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Meet the Team

The Invitation to Provence (and Tuscany and the Italian Lakes!)

Dan Wrightson

Dan Wrightson

Dan Wrightson is the managing director of the company. He grew up in Tuscany and has been running Invitation to Tuscany since 2004. After many trips to Provence he decided to start Invitation to Provence as a perfect partner to Tuscany. Dan illustrates the brochure and website with his watercolours – you can see more of them here:

Carlo and Rosie


Rosie Jackson and Carlo Rommelaere have been living in Provence for the last 12 years and knows the area inside out – they have been instrumental in finding many of the beautiful properties listed here. Rosie is a keen photographer and many of the photos you’ll see around the website are by her. Rosie and Carlo are our local representatives for Provence and will be your contact in case of any emergencies there.

Laura Pigazzini


Laura Pigazzini, who has been with the company since 2007, runs our London office. Laura keeps a close eye on everything to make sure all our clients are happy and all our owners know what’s going on. She coordinates all of our foreign agents and makes sure everything is running like clockwork.


Lyn Young


Lyn is the main London agent – if you ring us or write to us, Lyn will be the friendly voice at the end of the phone and your first port of call. Lyn and Laura regularly visit our properties and inspect new properties, meeting with the owners and testing roads and restaurants so they offer the best advice possible to the clients.

Joann Warren

joannOne of the first to visit our growing selection of Tuscan properties, Joann has a long acquaintance with Italy and has been working for the company for over 10 years. She visits all of our properties regularly to keep up with changes and will also be the first contact if there is ever any problem with any of the Tuscan properties. Thankfully this is not very often!